9 Things to Remember as a Fit Mom-To-Be

Dear Baby Boy,


People are finally noticing my baby bump as you turn 26 weeks this week! The doctor said that you are a strong 1.4lb IMG_2899, my growing big boy. This week, I have been upped my exercise game. I have promised you that I would keep myself strong and healthy in order to keep you strong and healthy. Thank you for being my most precious reason.





9 Things to Remember as a Fit Mom

  1. Healthy Mom = Healthy Baby

One of the very first questions I asked my doctor when I found out I was expecting was whether or not I can keep exercising. I have always maintained (or tried to) an exercise routine. My doctor encouraged me to keep at it, advising that I don’t introduce anything new (no Olympian weight lifting for me) during this time. And it makes sense, doesn’t it?

A healthy and fit expecting mom means a healthy healthy baby. Our bodies go through so much change during this time in our lives. We are stretching and bending in all these different ways. Our body is getting ready to perform a damn miracle. And even after we cary the extra weight on our bodies for 9 months, and pop a watermelon out of a grape, we will be carrying, bouncing, rocking, and feeding a little growing thing. Our bodies need to be strong and healthy to make this happen. I try to get in 30-45 minutes of exercise everyday.

  1. Listen to your body

Working double-time, I find my heart and lungs working extra hard these days so I make sure to listen to my body when I am exercising. Yeah, we are used to having fitness goals like flat abs and those last 10lbs, but for the next few months, all we want to do is keep healthy and keep our babies healthy. If you need a break, take a break. Can’t run? Don’t run. Take that sip of water and save your other fitness goals for after the baby comes.

  1. Maintain a Routine

This one should apply to those expecting and to anyone else who actually wants to meet a fitness goal. Keep a routine! For me, if I don’t exercise in the morning, it just WONT happen. And yes, there are mornings (like this morning actually) where my sleepy self will talk myself out of my morning workout, telling myself that I will definitely workout in the everning. Guess what? My evening self is tired from carrying my extra weight around all day as I try to maintain a normal life and the last thing I want to do is exercise. So ladies, keep a routine that works for you. For me it looks something like this:

  • Wake up
  • Bathroom
  • Workout clothes on
  • Cup of Water
  • Get it, girl!
  1. At Home Videos

During the first trimester, I was still attending my favorite classes (https://classpass.com/ is great for group classes if you are interested) and jogging a couple of days a week. As I entered my second tri-mester, I noticed that my morning jogs were more like out of breath walks and remember. Many women are able to maintain their regular routines way into their pregnancies and that is awesome! For me, I find myself preferring long walks (30-min to an hour while listening to my favorite podcast), stair walks up and down my 6-floor apartment building steps (benefits of living in an apartment complex), and workout videos at home. For me, these have been great for getting me sweaty, keeping me strong, and keeping me safe. Here are a coupld of my favorite channels right now:

  1. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Normally, I like to push myself physically. I want to try new things, get really sweaty, and see results fast. And when I see those results or feel the burn, I know I am doing something right. During pregnancy though, we really want the opposite. We want to make sure that we are safe throughout our pregnancy more than anything else. So, I remind myself that as long as I keep moving, I am keeping healthy.

  1. Weights

Weights can do wonders for your body! A set of dumbells at home can build strength while you work on your cardiovascular health as well. Also, we are going to be carrying our babies in our arms very soon so lets make sure we are strong enough for that!

For me, I have a set of light, medium, and heavy dumbells that I keep in my living room. I do a morning workout while I catch up on a television show or watch the morning news. Fit with Whit is one of my favorite Instagram and Youtube channels that I follow specifically for weight training inspiration. Please note that we have to be extra careful when using weights. Bend to lift and drop the weights, always listen to your body, and avoid doing exercises on your back. With the Fit with Whit workouts, I skip the moves she does on her back (sometimes I do them standing or sitting instead) and only jump if I feel like I can that day.

  1. Kegels

Nuff said ladies. Put em in all your workouts. When you squat, when you walk, and even while you make dinner. Here is a how to if you need.

  1. Modify When Needed

This is true all the time but especially when pregnant. Make sure to listen to your body and modify when needed. I haven’t changed much about my routine, still following many of my favorite fitness gurus on YouTube. But I know that I will need to modify if:

  • It is not a jumping day (go on your toes instead)
  • It is an exercise on your back (stand, sit, or use a pillow)
  • My heart rate increases too much (make sure you can maintain a conversation)
  1. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

These little tips are just as much for me as they are for all of you, dear readers. Especially this one. We all carry, gain, and feel differently from one another. At the end of the day, we are all miracle workers. Love yourself more than you ever have because you are carrying the love of your life.


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One thought on “9 Things to Remember as a Fit Mom-To-Be

  1. Well said dear mom. Nothing will ever compare to what a woman feels when that little life finally arrives into ur arms…. u r blessed enjoy every second of it they grow up too fast!


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