7 Tips from Mommies to Mommies

Dear Baby Boy,

You were born at 11:42am on a bright and cold Saturday morning in December. You entered the world with a full head of hair and a healthy 7lbs and 2oz. On that morning, you IMG_0220made me a mother.

And with a blink of an eye, you are already 11wks old and I am getting ready (but realize I will never be ready) to return to work in a little less than two weeks. This morning you were able to lift your head for a couple of seconds during tummy time, this afternoon you refused your nap so we read a book instead, and this evening your grandma and I gave you a bath. I cherish these moments and feel a knot in my throat thinking about missing a second of it.

Before you were born, I asked as many mothers (and fathers) around me for their top tip for a new mom. The one I am calling on now was given to me by a co-worker, friend, and mother of two boys. She said, remember to enjoy it.


Top Tips from Mommies (and Daddies) to Mommies

Listed in no particular order. Take what you need.

  1. Get on a schedule
  2. Mommy sleeps when baby sleeps
  3. You don’t need any tips. You are the mom. You will know best
  4. Do NOT read any books
  5. A frozen bagel to soothe a teething mouth
  6. Let others help
  7. You always need more wipes

IMG_0068I have not followed all of these. A schedule right now? Pfft. I have tried and failed. You have reminded me that you are the boss, at least for right now. You want me to babble with you a little more, wave a rattle for a little longer, and hold you a little tighter.

And me? Before I return to work and before we both learn yet another new normal…

I will remind myself to enjoy every second of it.



P.S. Please share your top mommy and daddy tips below in the comments. Ethan and I would appreciate it.



Ethan Alexander 



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